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Hiiiiiii…!! I’m back again ^_^V It’s been for years I didn’t write in my blog. Finally I managed my time to grab my laptop and start writing. Wow I want to share lots to all of you guys. For my first come back I want to talk about manga (it’s been my favorite recently). FIY it’s not easy to find manga that can bright my day. I felt so lucky when I found one that really can touch my heart. Hehehehe…

1. Otoyomegatari (MORI Kaoru)

I reallyyyyyy like this manga! I always check the website whether they already posted the new volume or not. Yet it’s not continuing as fast as I want. Anyway I still respect the people who scan it. Thank you guys! back to the manga, it’s a historical manga which tell about Turkic (Central Asia) culture. Beside it, the story is really nice and tells about the braveness of Turkic’s women. The romance and the drawing can allure you into it along with the drama and comedy.

2. Girls of the wild’s (Hun & Zena)

This is some of Korean manga that I like. The author and artist present this with good drawing and unique story. They combine all romance, comedy, martial art and drama into the manga. If you curious just read it. OK

3. Cat Street (Kamio Youko)

The same author who created Hana Yori Dango successfully  made me fall in love with her work. It’s not an ordinary school life story. Cat street tells about a school that doesn’t have any rules. Amazing right? I even wanna go there if it’s real. I’m not gonna give a spoiler here. Just check it out ^_^

4. Innocent (Sakamoto Shinichi)

I found this manga through Jurnal Otaku Indonesia. Besides the drawing, I also like the story. Once again it’s a historical manga about Charles Henri Sanson as a Royal executioner of France during the  the reign of King Louis XVII. For your information, the drawing is really detail and showing the torture like in reality. So, prepare yourself before you read it. 

5. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Sahara Mizu)


This manga was adopted from a novel “Our Happy Time by Gong Ji Young. There’s also a Korean movie (Maundy Thursday) based on the novel too. It cries me a river when I read this manga. the story is really touchy and teach me many things.

6. Koe no Kitachi (Ooima Yoshitoki)

Okay this is the last one. Even though there still lots great manga that I want to share but my eyes are really tired now. This manga is perfect for all bullier out there. Read it and feel it so you will consider about others feeling.

That’s all I think. See you in the next meeting

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Mr. Fredward’s Duck October 5, 2012

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Kevin Fredward was a novelist who wrote about his childhood experience which he mostly spent on the street. Because of one case made him move to a small village. In that place Kevin met his uncommon house keeper Rosemary. Being together with Rosemary, Kevin knew more about life. Many new things happened to him and he finally understood that his world not only for him but also to share with others.

I really like this manga story line. The author not only gave good drawing but she (Ushijima Keiko) can drag me into the story. Every chapter had their own story but still got the correlation to another. So, you have to read it from the begining to make you understand.

One thing I’ve learned from this was never think that you’re not loved and use. Like I said before that you have meaning to live in this world. As long as you can help other people, God will give you happiness.



School Life Romance April 28, 2012

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Another  favorite manga of mine! Still waiting for the next chapter that I have to wait a little bit patience. When I read this for the first time, I cannot let my eyes off for the next one. The story lines make me feel like I were in the roller coster. Thrill in every inch of my body. 

What  is this about…..???  L-DK shows us a lone stroy between Shuusei Kugayama and Aoi Nishimori. Shuusei Kugayama is the “prince” of his high school, but he always turns down confessions–including one from Aoi Nishimori’s best friend. Although she initially hates him for this, when Shuusei moves in next door to Aoi, who lives alone, she starts thinking that he might not be such a bad guy after all (

As we know hate – love relationship is gonna be a good ending (I wish so) and as the one who had been in Aoi’s shoes, I can feel what her feeling is in this manga.  Over all I always enjoy the story in every chapter. 

What happen with them next?

Just read it and enjoy your time ^_*



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KIMI WA PET December 13, 2011

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 DAMN….. why I always like the manga version rather than the movie. Actually I watched the Korean movie version last week before my horrible days came. 

The movie was made pack and fast, different from the manga which has many volumes. The movie quite entertained with good scenery, fashion, and music ( not the Jang Geun Soek voice ) but for the actors I still appreciate Kim Ha Neul rather the male lead actor. 

Back to the manga, I just wanted to kill my time at house and I curious about it from the movie. Finally I found the manga and enjoy it. 

What was it about?   



It’s about Love and Loneliness that want to be found and killed by Sumire the lead actor. She’s the perfect one with miss fortune in love, all alone by herself until she met “Momo” an adorable boy who remind her to her dog. 

The boy asked her help to let him stay more longer at her house and the girl asked him to be his pet just want to get rid of him buuuuuttttt wether he’s desperate or crazy he took the chance. Then the story goes on after that.  Will she find the one she love and realize that “Momo” is not only a pet or will she find another man to rely on?

Just read it guys because it Romantic comedy manga, if you hate the story at least it can make you laugh.

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WHAT a HOCKEY CLUB?! July 17, 2011

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The story is about a girl named Hana who unluckily joined the hockey club. The members only five men from her school which haven’t got any match at all. She was recruited because of her special ability. Besides that her interest in food made her agree to join with them, except the lack of hockey skill these guys are from rich family that used to go field trip to find interesting places and find sparing match. 

I just read until volume 22 through the manga online. Even though it’s about sport but it’s not really is and many other stories wait for you. The story is good and funny because I like the adventure time while their doing the trip.  Have to read this until the last chapter. 


Greendee Manga May 17, 2011

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It doesn’t mean that I want to make a green manga, I just want to list my favorite manga. Yeaaahhh…. I know, in this age I still like reading manga. Sometimes it could be a best medicine for me to release the stress.

I read manga since I was in junior high school. At that time the price was quite expensive for my rate. I couldn’t ask my mom to buy the books for me so I have to save my pocket money to buy some of them.

I also experienced that I have to walk from my house to the bus terminal just to buy a manga. I did that for few weeks and thankfully I could get the manga I want. hahahahaha…

OK, Let’s start with the list!

1. Death Note

The story was about a high school student who found a book that called a death note. He’s being a mass murder using that book and marked his self as Kira. The owner of the death note asked him to switch his soul to him if he wanted to use the book. The entire country being depress with his action and they asked a boy initialed “L” to help them. L was a genius boy who understand about the death note work.

I really like the story line and also the L character but unfortunately he had to die in the death note list. I also watched the movie version and made me fall in love with the L actor! Gyabooooo!!!!!

2. Nice Summer

The story line was between Natsume who fell in love with her under classmate Rui. Rui was a model and little bit cold hearted. He never saw Natsume as an attractive girl but Natsume wouldn’t give up to get his attention.

I watched the dvd version too, and it still hilarious like in the manga. 

3. W Julliet

Can you guess which one is the boy and which one is the girl? Sorry you are wrong! hehehehehehe…… The girls is with the short hair and the boy is with the long hair. What’s going on with this manga! 

Don’t get confuse! Ito was a tomboy girl who like to wear boy’s uniform and she’s good in martial art too. meanwhile Makoto is beautiful boy who disguise as a girl to bet with his father. 

They met in the drama club which Ito as the leader. Makoto thought she is a boy and Ito thought he is a girl. One day Ito knew about Makoto and keep the secret from the others. As you thought they fell in love with each other. The story was running in their life, acting desire, family, and friends. Two thumbs for the author who can give creative story like this. 

4. Paradise Kiss

It’s about a girl (sorry I forgot her name) who dedicate her life only for studying. One day she met with 4 students from design school who asked her to be their model. Start from that opportunity, her life was change. She realize that she should choose the right way for her own good without any force from other people. 

Beside the story line, I like the drawing too. 

That’s all for today. see you next time

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