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CUTE NAILS ART December 18, 2011

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One of my hobby is doing nail art during my period time, that means I don’t have to pray for several days. When the time is coming I want to pleasure my self  by decorating my nails. Here are some cute nails art that I found in Google and I want to practice it.


















I prefer short nails because it more neat and not too much for showing off.  Even though I like green but for nail art it’s better if you use colorful nail polish. If you can not do it by yourself just go to the beauty salon and ask them to decorate your nails. 



For me doing the art thing like this give some excitement in my mind and soul. So guys if you have some skill just improve it, who knows it will give some cash to you. hehehehehe….. *_* V



(These pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner)



My Dream Green Stuffs May 6, 2011

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I want to list somethings that I should have, here are they!

These pictures aren’t mine, credit to the owner

These are my dream things… to all my dear friends I already gave you some options for my birthday present. So make up your mind… hehehehehehe^^V