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When I watched Death Note anime on television I really interested in it. Based on my curiosity, I tried to find out the manga too. Fortunately when I was gooling, came out the movie information. There he was, Kenichi Matsuyama played as L in Death Note Movie. I fell in  love with him at the first time. His character made me want to know him better. He started his career with a small part in movies. His acting is improving more and more like he shown in movies and dramas. I don’t wanna write about his bio data because you can find it easily in google (hehehehe). I’d like to write him as my Japanese Johny Depp according to the characters he played. I don’t want to compare Kenichi to Johny Depp either because they have their own specialty. Like Johny Depp, Kenichi likes to choose a unique character for his role. He can play as a sweet  to a hilarious boy.  One day he played as a serious guy with many conflicts and a weirdo  on the other day. Over all it just my opinion as Johny Depp and his fan. Here are some movies and dramas of him:


Norwegian Wood as  Toru Watanabe (I read the novel too, based on Haruki Murakami’s novel)


Death Note as L ( Read the manga and watched the movies )


Usagi Drop as Daikichi Kawachi ( I read some of the manga but prefer the movie more )


Taira no Kiyomori as Taira no Kiyomori ( Haven’t watch this ’cause I’m not a colossal movie fan )


Detroit Metal City as Johannes Krauser II / Souchi Negishi ( Love this movie so much and try to read the manga also )

Ken'ichi II

Gantz as Masaru Kato ( Haven’t watch it either )


Memoir of  a Teenage Amnesiac as Yuji Miwa ( Love his cool acting but it’s kinda Hollywood style teenage movie )


Sexy Voice and Robo as Ichiro Sudo/ Robo  ( LOL, what a weirdo character he had )

 Hopefully I can watch more his movie and drama with  his strange role. Ganbatttteee Kenichi!!!!!

The pictures are not mine so credit to the owner.