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Mr. Fredward’s Duck October 5, 2012

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Kevin Fredward was a novelist who wrote about his childhood experience which he mostly spent on the street. Because of one case made him move to a small village. In that place Kevin met his uncommon house keeper Rosemary. Being together with Rosemary, Kevin knew more about life. Many new things happened to him and he finally understood that his world not only for him but also to share with others.

I really like this manga story line. The author not only gave good drawing but she (Ushijima Keiko) can drag me into the story. Every chapter had their own story but still got the correlation to another. So, you have to read it from the begining to make you understand.

One thing I’ve learned from this was never think that you’re not loved and use. Like I said before that you have meaning to live in this world. As long as you can help other people, God will give you happiness.