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KIMI WA PET December 13, 2011

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 DAMN….. why I always like the manga version rather than the movie. Actually I watched the Korean movie version last week before my horrible days came. 

The movie was made pack and fast, different from the manga which has many volumes. The movie quite entertained with good scenery, fashion, and music ( not the Jang Geun Soek voice ) but for the actors I still appreciate Kim Ha Neul rather the male lead actor. 

Back to the manga, I just wanted to kill my time at house and I curious about it from the movie. Finally I found the manga and enjoy it. 

What was it about?   



It’s about Love and Loneliness that want to be found and killed by Sumire the lead actor. She’s the perfect one with miss fortune in love, all alone by herself until she met “Momo” an adorable boy who remind her to her dog. 

The boy asked her help to let him stay more longer at her house and the girl asked him to be his pet just want to get rid of him buuuuuttttt wether he’s desperate or crazy he took the chance. Then the story goes on after that.  Will she find the one she love and realize that “Momo” is not only a pet or will she find another man to rely on?

Just read it guys because it Romantic comedy manga, if you hate the story at least it can make you laugh.

Pictures : Google ( credit to the owner )


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