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My Lost Friend March 23, 2019

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It’s been a long time I didn’t write in my blog. I just getting too excited after I reinstalled my laptop. So, I decided to review my blog and start to write again. Many things happened in life. People come and go. Babies are getting bigger and smarter and I’m getting older. The more I see myself the more I thankful to Allah who still gives me chance to do everything in my life. When I’m down, Allah always gives me answer right before my eyes. That makes me realize that my life is better than I thought.

Few months ago, I finally met my best friend from college. She’s been missing for couple of years without any news. We were wondering and asking to each other where was she? Suddenly she popped out of nowhere and contacted us. I and my other friends were happy to have her back. With full of curiosity, we asked to meet up and share our experiences. At the meeting, she only told us that she lost our contacts and everything. But, after few weeks she finally opened to us that she has serious problem.  I had heard this kind of diseases but I didn’t expect that it will happen to my friend. I cannot tell the detail here because we’re still confuse about it too.

I just want to say here, whenever you’re down or feel lonely. Always remember Allah is always with us. Pray to Him, seek for forgiveness and protection. Always positive thinking to yourself or to other people. Fill yourself with prayer, knowledge or activities that can give you happiness. We’re still praying for her and wish her speedily recovery. We still encourage and try to help her when ever she needs us.  

Love yourself



Welcome to My Corner May 3, 2011

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Hi guys…!!

It’s my first blog I’ve ever made and it’s really fun. I like to call it as my corner because some people like to find their corner to pour their creativity and express their feelings (in my thought). why I named it as greendeecorner? yeaaahhh that’s right! I like green, that’s why the first word is green. I want to write everything about green (if I could though) hehehehe…. but not all of them of course^^V    Let’s start with the green stuff!

       Is it green enough for you…? I like the view with the green background

                                                     I hope it’s not a mutant cat…???

I think that’s all guys… see you next time and please enjoy my green corner!!!


Hello world! May 1, 2011

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