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HOME MADE TOM YAM December 22, 2011

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It’s my desire to make this food. I learned to make it from my sister but after she’s gone I have to make it by myself. 

It’s quite easy and simple because I just use the instant spices and add more ingredients to make it perfect.

I like the taste of this Thailand cuisine because it’s really fresh and full of  protein. The spices are not different from my country’s. Beside Tom Yam I still want to learn more food from other country. I hope I can try them all to full fill my thirst.

Here are the ingredients that I used to make the Tom Yam:

1. Tom Yam Paste. You can buy in grocery shop

2. Shrimps. Keep the head and the tail         

3. Squids. Cut into pieces              

4. China Tofu. Cut into pieces                 

5. Fish balls. Cut into half            

6. Coriander leaves. Cut for some stems        

7. Lemon grass. Cut 2 stems         

8. Lemon juice. Adjust it to your taste       


9. Bay leave . Just use 2 leaves        

10. Galangal        

11.  Red chili          

12. Salt     

13. Sugar. Just a little bit      

14. Enoki mushroom   



First you saute the tom yam paste with a little bit cooking oil, after that put the the bay leaves, galangal, shrimps, squids, fish balls, and china tofu in and mix them with the paste. Pour some water into the pan let it boil and then put the lemon juice together with the salt and sugar. Last, put the lemon grass, enoki mushroom, and coriander leaves. Leave it for few minutes to make it perfect. 


After it cooked, you can serve it with your style. I hope you can enjoy this new dish with you family. 



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AROUND and AROUND December 18, 2011

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When you’re not around, the wind blows fast and hard.

When you’re not around, the mosquitoes come and have party around me.

When you’re not around, my tummy hurts longing for food.

When you’re not around, every thing is empty.


When you’re around, you cover me with thick blanket to warm me from the wind.

When you’re around, you shoo the mosquitoes for not sucking my blood.

When you’re around, you feed me with your delicious meal.

When you’re around, every thing is full with your love and your laugh.


If you’re around, I’ll share my blanket to catch the warmth with you.

If you’re around, I’ll help you to get rid of the blood sucker.

If you’re around, I want you to teach me how to make those food so I wouldn’t hungry again.

If you’re around, I’ll make every thing is full with our love and laugh.



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John Christopher Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963, he was raised in Florida. He dropped off from school at 15 and chose music as his career. He got into acting after visit Los Angles, California. He was introduced to Nicholas Cage by his former wife. He made his debut in ” A Nightmare on Elm Street” (IMDb, Google).







The first time I know him was in 21 jump street. He still young at that time and after that I fell in love with him. I always watch his movies because he always choose different character in every title. From his face I can’t see a rebellious soul who doesn’t like to be controlled by the world. He has his own rule and attitude. who’s not gonna love bad boy like that?  

These are his movies I’ve been watched.


















Even though his daily appearance is like a geek but he was nominated as one of the hottest man in the world. The more he’s aging the more he attractive (for me *v*). I think all of you have your own favorite and this is my dream man. Viva Johnny Depp!!!!



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One of my hobby is doing nail art during my period time, that means I don’t have to pray for several days. When the time is coming I want to pleasure my self  by decorating my nails. Here are some cute nails art that I found in Google and I want to practice it.


















I prefer short nails because it more neat and not too much for showing off.  Even though I like green but for nail art it’s better if you use colorful nail polish. If you can not do it by yourself just go to the beauty salon and ask them to decorate your nails. 



For me doing the art thing like this give some excitement in my mind and soul. So guys if you have some skill just improve it, who knows it will give some cash to you. hehehehehe….. *_* V



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Wow… in the middle of the night, when I wonder to kill my time during my insomnia I found a movie that I’ve watched a long time ago. 








At a young age, Florentino fell in love with a beautiful girl Fermina. But their love was disapproved by Fermina’s father who tried to separate them. She’s marrying a doctor who saved her from diseases even without love. With a broken heart Florentino continued his life and experienced my thing especially women. 








After 54 years later, they met again and rebuild their love. Florentino still wait her for years even he had many girls in his life but they couldn’t replace Fermina in his heart. 

For me this movie is worth to watch because I like the story and the setting. And the most important thing is it taught me how to appreciate my love. 



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KIMI WA PET December 13, 2011

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 DAMN….. why I always like the manga version rather than the movie. Actually I watched the Korean movie version last week before my horrible days came. 

The movie was made pack and fast, different from the manga which has many volumes. The movie quite entertained with good scenery, fashion, and music ( not the Jang Geun Soek voice ) but for the actors I still appreciate Kim Ha Neul rather the male lead actor. 

Back to the manga, I just wanted to kill my time at house and I curious about it from the movie. Finally I found the manga and enjoy it. 

What was it about?   



It’s about Love and Loneliness that want to be found and killed by Sumire the lead actor. She’s the perfect one with miss fortune in love, all alone by herself until she met “Momo” an adorable boy who remind her to her dog. 

The boy asked her help to let him stay more longer at her house and the girl asked him to be his pet just want to get rid of him buuuuuttttt wether he’s desperate or crazy he took the chance. Then the story goes on after that.  Will she find the one she love and realize that “Momo” is not only a pet or will she find another man to rely on?

Just read it guys because it Romantic comedy manga, if you hate the story at least it can make you laugh.

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It’s been a week I stayed in my house because of the chicken pox. Totally I can’t go anywhere and eat everything I like. I felt that my life seems stop at a moment which I don’t have anything to do except lying on the bed all day. I bored from head to toes, no one is coming, no one to talk to, and no one to tease. 

This condition remind me of a Korea movie which I like the actor most. The title is HELLO GHOST but it’s not a horror movie. The idea of the story was really good, plus the actors were well play too. 




At the beginning we will serve with a sad hilarious scene with unsuccessful suicide attempt from the lead actor. after the accident he met the four ghost who followed him every where.













Annoyed with the ghost who asked him to fulfill they unfinished business while they’re alive. They possessed  him and made  him act unusual. 

What I got from this movie was, not what you all think bad were bad just take a look around you. Even though it’s just a little thing if you really appreciate it and thinking that God never made un useful thing you will find a happiness from it. 



Yeah, that’s what I feel now. Even I’m not surrounding by people I love but I’m sure that they always be in my heart and they prayer always reach my heart.



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