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Flash back to my child hood about my favorite and ever lasting cartoon movie. Yeah, it’s Doraemon! I can’t believe it that this movie still airing until this year. with the same charecters but with various storie. Every sunday morning I still switch my TV on to watch Doraemon and his friends. Hopely I can still young becouse of this. hehehehehe

Doraemon still living with Nobita who still in the 4th grade (never moves to the next grade¬† ^^). Yet it still entartaining for me, and for the drawing it self I think the author has improve or soften it (just my opinion). There are some pictures that Doraemon was drawn like the super heroes, action figures, or anime characters. I really like these…. two thumbs for the artist!






What thing that bring back your memmories guys?!  Remember old thing sure can make me happy because I grew up through this too.

Pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner.