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My Another Creepy Johnny Depp June 2, 2012

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I’ve been waiting for  this movie for a month to come to my city. Luckily I can watch it last week right on my birthday. I was curios how’ll the movie go. I try to give my fair opinion though Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actor.

Woke up from his long sleep after buried alive by his witch enemy, Barnabas Collin back to his home  sweet home. He found his long relative family  live in the house, They were there to keep the Collin’s Company from collaping after left for hundreds year. Yet, never brings success.

Barnabas came to help build up the company again with his little secret. Beside that he has to face some issues like his love and a jealous rival that bring to destruction. Well, if I can say that the story is not really strong built, especially for the love story between him and Joset. But I still like the humor given, I can see the naive Barnabas and the 70’s jokes style.

For the make up, it’s quiet good because Johnny Depp looked really young but for the vampire shadding for me it’s too thick. Over all I still love Johnny Depp for his many kind of charaters. Viva Johnny Depp! can’t wait for the next role.

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