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When I watched Death Note anime on television I really interested in it. Based on my curiosity, I tried to find out the manga too. Fortunately when I was gooling, came out the movie information. There he was, Kenichi Matsuyama played as L in Death Note Movie. I fell in  love with him at the first time. His character made me want to know him better. He started his career with a small part in movies. His acting is improving more and more like he shown in movies and dramas. I don’t wanna write about his bio data because you can find it easily in google (hehehehe). I’d like to write him as my Japanese Johny Depp according to the characters he played. I don’t want to compare Kenichi to Johny Depp either because they have their own specialty. Like Johny Depp, Kenichi likes to choose a unique character for his role. He can play as a sweet  to a hilarious boy.  One day he played as a serious guy with many conflicts and a weirdo  on the other day. Over all it just my opinion as Johny Depp and his fan. Here are some movies and dramas of him:


Norwegian Wood as  Toru Watanabe (I read the novel too, based on Haruki Murakami’s novel)


Death Note as L ( Read the manga and watched the movies )


Usagi Drop as Daikichi Kawachi ( I read some of the manga but prefer the movie more )


Taira no Kiyomori as Taira no Kiyomori ( Haven’t watch this ’cause I’m not a colossal movie fan )


Detroit Metal City as Johannes Krauser II / Souchi Negishi ( Love this movie so much and try to read the manga also )

Ken'ichi II

Gantz as Masaru Kato ( Haven’t watch it either )


Memoir of  a Teenage Amnesiac as Yuji Miwa ( Love his cool acting but it’s kinda Hollywood style teenage movie )


Sexy Voice and Robo as Ichiro Sudo/ Robo  ( LOL, what a weirdo character he had )

 Hopefully I can watch more his movie and drama with  his strange role. Ganbatttteee Kenichi!!!!!

The pictures are not mine so credit to the owner.


10 Responses to “MY JAPANESE JOHNY DEPP”

  1. Ranchy Says:

    Matsuyama was those rare actor species where skill meets look, uh? Not to mention how his roles and projects seem always interesting. Very interesting actor indeed. I’m not the type who easily attracted to those good looking actors even if they have some skill, but this one is just the one!
    I kinda regret how I abandoned his act all of these years. Like what happened to his many others “victims”, he awed me with his breaktrough role, L.
    I kinda regret how I abandoned his act all of these years. Else I’d have much easier time following his project like 1 or 2 a year, not marathon like this, hahah. Well I’m glad he seems has established his career well 🙂

    Questions: that one from Norwegian Wood, he played a sweet character there? Was it a good watch? (I can’t imagine myself watching him as sweet character for romance story. I’m affraid I’d get heart attack for being overly enjoyed it, lol). Anyway, I’m interested in “Don’t Laugh at My Romance” because it sounds a bit something like his real love life, I mean with him and his 8-years-older wifey.. Have you watch it?

    Sorry if I speak to much 😦 Doesn’t have much people around me to talk about him 😦
    bytheway, ohmygosh that last picture *nosebleeding*.

    • itsmedeena Says:

      Hiiiiiii…… I was really happy reading your comment here. You are right, I’m falling in love with him because of his roles but the more I see him the more cuter he is. I haven’t watch “Don’t Laugh at My Romance” but I’m planning to download it ASAP. I’m starting to collect his movie from the small role to the big role. Last week I got “Nana” and Kenichi still 20 I guess at that movie. I just read from Tumbler about him and I just knew that he already had 2 children. I’m so happy to read that! and I’m still waiting for his new movie an it will release in 2014. can’t wait to watch it. Sorry, If talk too much too, we’re the same because I don’t have anyone to talk about him. heheheehehe…… Arigatooouuuu

      • Ranchy Says:

        Hiii! I’m also happy you replied me 😀

        Oh, I didn’t know he has a current project. He’s so productive! Good for him!
        He acted in soo many shows and all looks interesting! As the result, now I have a real hard time to decide what should I watch first. (but I think I’ll watch Destroid Metal City first 😀 )

        Anyway do you write review? I hope you do, because I’d love to read your review of “Don’t Laugh at My Romance” once you’ve finished it 😀

        I just downloaded his latest movie (2012 movie, forgot the title, but his role was a train nerd/otaku). Judging from the opening scenes, it looks like a fun watch but I haven’t got any subs.. :sob::sob::sob:

        About his children (& his marriage), ah, I love it so much, I guess I’ll just write a dedicated post for it. It’ll be too long if I write it here 😀

        *BTW I love to read long comments (just like how I love to write one^^; ), so I guess we can call it mutual happiness for both of us?? Teehee! Really, it’s a pleasure to get to know you! May I call you, my first “senpai” in “Matsuken Land”? :blush::blush:

      • itsmedeena Says:

        Hiiiiiii….. I think you should watch Detroit Metal City because it’s really hilarious. I read the manga too (not finish yet) but I love the movie the best. I forgot that you asked about Norwegian wood, the movie based on a novel (I’ve read it too). he played as a loyal boyfriend who has to company his sick girlfriend and has long distance relationship but there’s one scene that cannot make sense, I don’t know it’s because he’s too kind or what. hehehehehehe….. just watch it. About the movie you said, I’m kinda curios what’s the title? is it “Train Brain Express?” with Eita right? (one of my favorite too). I haven’t watch it either! where did you download it? I need another option for downloading. hehehehehehe….. for the writing review maybe I would do that, thanks for asking ^^V. BTW where are you from?

      • Ranchy Says:

        Yesss! I just watched DMC and it’s indeed hilarious! gosh, it’s almost unbelievable how he could manage to play Negishi & Krauser at one time, totally excellent!

        Wow, you’re so resourceful.. Never try any Japanese novel.. Well, I guess Norwegian Wood will be my next target after I finish Sexy Voice & Robo which is in my current watching list (oh my, Robo the weirdo!! XD )

        Yes, that’s the title, Train Brain Express with Eita. I got it from local site of my country, and I heard people outside can’t access it. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, though. I’m from Indonesia, how about you?

        About his next movie for 2014, did you mean Haru wo Seotte? How about Kiyousu Kaigi? I saw his name listed as supporting role..

        Have a nice day!! 😀

      • itsmedeena Says:

        yaaaaaaa….. we are in the same country. Hidup INDONESIA!!!!! no wonder your email is rendang. Are you from Padang or rendang lover. hehehehehe….. I amazed with his acting too in DMC, cannot imagine his serious looking playing those hilarious roles. Sexy voice and Robo also good, he’s a cutie pie there. looks really young (the photo that make you drool). how was the Train Brain Express? I’d love to watch it too. yeah, the new movie is Haru Wo Seotte. taking place in mountain and he has to do the mountain climbing by himself. what a great actor! hehehehehe… love him so muuuuuuccccchhhhh. the Kiyousu Kaigi is about politic I guess (I took a peek in Asian Wiki ). wow…. it’s really nice to talk with you about him. Have a nice day too ^_^

      • Ranchy Says:

        Ahaha, no, I’m not from Sumbar, but yup, I’m a rendang lover! Yay!! Hidup Indonesia!!!! Should we speak in bhs ID for out next convo? Hihihi..

        Haven’t watch Train Brain Express, I’m clueless at Japanese, I won’t watch any J-movie/dorama without subs, hiks… Let me know if you get the sub 😉 Oh btw, I got it from IDWS. Check it out! 😀 About Robo, OMG, when I saw his (Robo) picture you uploaded up there, yes, I was drooling, but now I’ve watched how weird Robo was, lol, I can’t feel the same anymore! Robo was just.., too weird!! (lovely weirdo!) LOL, he was soo into his role as Robo I could just forget how cool & handsome he is in real life, lololol…

        Woah! Can’t wait to see the new movie as well, but I guess, I’ll take his shows little by little, starting from the oldies ones first. These days I watch Gokusen 1 & Sexy Robo Sexy Voice and Robo in paralel. You’re right, Robo looks so young! For me, even looks younger than his role at 1 Litre of Tears.. Perhaps Robo’s childish-nature effect? Hihi.

        Anyway, he is not on twitter right? I see an account claiming his official account, but it seems fake!! (I almost deceived though T–T ). BTW, did you get Norwegian Wood novel from Indonesia bookstore or?

        Have a lovely Tuesday afternoon!!^^

      • itsmedeena Says:

        Hiiiiiii…… I read your blog and it’s really nice. interesting. you’ve wrote so many recaps about movies and dramas. I just knew that you like Harry Potter too. I’m Rupert Grint admirer… hehehehehe. I have all the books and had watched all the movies. So you’re from Sumbar, my sister lives there too with her husband. I want to go there someday to visit her, I hope we can meet there. About Matsuken, I don’t think he has any social media to communicate with his fan both twitter or facebook. I just found some blogs or tumbler about him written by his fan. too bad… T_T …. I think we should go to his official website but I don’t know where???? I haven’t found “Don’t Laugh at My Romance” yet. My friend downloaded the Norwegian Wood Novel and gave it to me, so I read it through my laptop. I usually download some movies from J-DORAMA but some of the links are not working and only some of his movies there.
        I just watched NANA 2 and sadly no more Matsuken there, I think he already took another job in a movie. I read some comments about him in other blogs and website, many people admitted that he likes to play the hard or unique character. I’m not wrong then if I called him my Japanese Johnny Depp…. hehehehehehe.
        Have a lovely Thursday afternoon….. ^_^

      • Ranchy Says:

        Hiii deena (may I call you this?), how was your weekend 😀
        ahah, my recaps are yet that many, but I’d love to write more, hehe. Yep! I’m quite a potterhead, read all the novels (but only have 4 of the novels, huhuu), watched all the movies (HP7-1 is my fave!), and even listening to the e-books (listened from the 1st-3rd book, currently in hiatus) 😀 and Rupert is my fave actor from HP movies along with Ron is my fave character from HP world (sidekick FTW!! hihi)

        Oh, I’m not from Sumbar neither live there, it seems you misread my previous comment 😉 Judging from your email address, I am wayyy closer to you than to Sumbar 😉

        I know his official website (its agency website & their YT channel to be precised), but I don’t think they provide a way to connect us to them, sad.. I love to watched his official video message for fans at his agency YT channel, but I don’t understand Japanese except some phrases here and there (boohoohoohoo T—T), and it was all written in Japanese, I felt like an alien if I leave a comment there, hikss..
        I guess I’ll read Norwegian Wood novel first. How about Nana 1? Is it good? Have you check IDWS (Indowebster) for Don’t Laugh at My Romance? I believe they still have it there, check it out~
        Yes yes!! The fact that he chose various & interesting roles is what catched my eyes in the first place. I’m glad I rediscover him after so many years ^–^ (I’m currently writing a post covering his roles, but I don’t think I can submit it in the near future, hehe (too much roles to be covered!!))

        Have a fun Sunday!! ^—^

      • itsmedeena Says:

        Konichiwaaa…. of course you can call me dina. sorry about the Sumbar thing, I think I miss read it. where do you live now? About Kenichi, I haven’t find the movie yet, sorry. And it’s really bad that the website only written in Japanese T_T…. I wish Japanese musician or actors can come to Indonesia, not only for Korean idol and others. Will they? it’s like I’m hopping Michael Buble to come, which like NEVER. hahahahahaha
        You know, I’m always looking for Kenichi’s picture in every website or else. I like his sleeping pose best (I’m like a pervert), keep them in my desktop or mobile. My friends always nag whenever they saw his picture. hahahahaha…. he’s so cute!!!! what can I do??
        I want to read your writing about him again, has to check it out fast. hehehehehe
        Have a nice day ^_^

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