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HOME MADE TOM YAM December 22, 2011

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It’s my desire to make this food. I learned to make it from my sister but after she’s gone I have to make it by myself. 

It’s quite easy and simple because I just use the instant spices and add more ingredients to make it perfect.

I like the taste of this Thailand cuisine because it’s really fresh and full of  protein. The spices are not different from my country’s. Beside Tom Yam I still want to learn more food from other country. I hope I can try them all to full fill my thirst.

Here are the ingredients that I used to make the Tom Yam:

1. Tom Yam Paste. You can buy in grocery shop

2. Shrimps. Keep the head and the tail         

3. Squids. Cut into pieces              

4. China Tofu. Cut into pieces                 

5. Fish balls. Cut into half            

6. Coriander leaves. Cut for some stems        

7. Lemon grass. Cut 2 stems         

8. Lemon juice. Adjust it to your taste       


9. Bay leave . Just use 2 leaves        

10. Galangal        

11.  Red chili          

12. Salt     

13. Sugar. Just a little bit      

14. Enoki mushroom   



First you saute the tom yam paste with a little bit cooking oil, after that put the the bay leaves, galangal, shrimps, squids, fish balls, and china tofu in and mix them with the paste. Pour some water into the pan let it boil and then put the lemon juice together with the salt and sugar. Last, put the lemon grass, enoki mushroom, and coriander leaves. Leave it for few minutes to make it perfect. 


After it cooked, you can serve it with your style. I hope you can enjoy this new dish with you family. 



>These Pictures aren’t mine. Credit to the owner<






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