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WHY DO I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP??? December 18, 2011

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John Christopher Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963, he was raised in Florida. He dropped off from school at 15 and chose music as his career. He got into acting after visit Los Angles, California. He was introduced to Nicholas Cage by his former wife. He made his debut in ” A Nightmare on Elm Street” (IMDb, Google).







The first time I know him was in 21 jump street. He still young at that time and after that I fell in love with him. I always watch his movies because he always choose different character in every title. From his face I can’t see a rebellious soul who doesn’t like to be controlled by the world. He has his own rule and attitude. who’s not gonna love bad boy like that?  

These are his movies I’ve been watched.


















Even though his daily appearance is like a geek but he was nominated as one of the hottest man in the world. The more he’s aging the more he attractive (for me *v*). I think all of you have your own favorite and this is my dream man. Viva Johnny Depp!!!!



>The pictures are not mine, so credit to the owner<



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