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AROUND and AROUND December 18, 2011

Filed under: green corner stories — itsmedeena @ 9:21 pm

When you’re not around, the wind blows fast and hard.

When you’re not around, the mosquitoes come and have party around me.

When you’re not around, my tummy hurts longing for food.

When you’re not around, every thing is empty.


When you’re around, you cover me with thick blanket to warm me from the wind.

When you’re around, you shoo the mosquitoes for not sucking my blood.

When you’re around, you feed me with your delicious meal.

When you’re around, every thing is full with your love and your laugh.


If you’re around, I’ll share my blanket to catch the warmth with you.

If you’re around, I’ll help you to get rid of the blood sucker.

If you’re around, I want you to teach me how to make those food so I wouldn’t hungry again.

If you’re around, I’ll make every thing is full with our love and laugh.



The pictures aren’t mine, credit to the owner

Unknown words by: itsmedeena



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