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HELLO GHOST December 13, 2011

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It’s been a week I stayed in my house because of the chicken pox. Totally I can’t go anywhere and eat everything I like. I felt that my life seems stop at a moment which I don’t have anything to do except lying on the bed all day. I bored from head to toes, no one is coming, no one to talk to, and no one to tease. 

This condition remind me of a Korea movie which I like the actor most. The title is HELLO GHOST but it’s not a horror movie. The idea of the story was really good, plus the actors were well play too. 




At the beginning we will serve with a sad hilarious scene with unsuccessful suicide attempt from the lead actor. after the accident he met the four ghost who followed him every where.













Annoyed with the ghost who asked him to fulfill they unfinished business while they’re alive. They possessed  him and made  him act unusual. 

What I got from this movie was, not what you all think bad were bad just take a look around you. Even though it’s just a little thing if you really appreciate it and thinking that God never made un useful thing you will find a happiness from it. 



Yeah, that’s what I feel now. Even I’m not surrounding by people I love but I’m sure that they always be in my heart and they prayer always reach my heart.



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