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CHERRY BLOSSOM July 12, 2011

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It’s blooming now…. its petals are falling down on to my head and flying all over the place. Suddenly the view turns into pink and the wind blows smoothly into the air. you know, today it’s my birthday… that’s why I came to you to share my happiness.

Friends of mine made surprise party for me this morning… it was amazing. I wish you were there… 

I remembered that we met under this tree five years ago. We were fighting to get this tree and none of us want to give in it. In the end we just laughed ourselves and decided to share the tree.

You told me that you have memory with this tree. You and your dad were use to come and spent time together. That’s why you’re insisting to take this place from me. Your reason were make sense than mine, which I thought I just like the place and want to stay under it for awhile. 

Many people visited this place but we just enjoy our conversation at that time. Some of them were having fun around their tree and some of them sang a song. That’s not interrupted our talk at all. God… were we just so deaf and blind?

The petals are gone, it’s was only the branches stay longer. They just look like you… You left without words.

I broke your heart once and you paid it back to me… Did I have choice at that time. I thought you would understand and wait for me. You just left and wreck my blooming petals in my heart.

I would call the wind to blow my petals back and let them grow again but you told the wind first and ask him to carry them away.  

I just walked alone around the place and wishing that I could find you there… At the fifth time, You still not there. The wind blew hard and bring the cold air around the place. I left the tree with a hopeless feeling…

The next week, I still go to that place. approaching the tree where we met. Touching the strong stem and imagine it was you. I hold it tight like I used to hug you. My tears fell out unwittingly…

The flowers are blooming again, I pick one of the falling petal from the ground. I whisper my secret words on it and blow it through the wind. I took a step leaving the tree…..

Suddenly the wind blows hard and fly my scarf, it flies high. I run fast to catch it but it won’t stop. I almost run of air and finally it stops and lay down under that tree. A hand took my scarf and found someone standing there. It’s  you….

I asked, what brought you here?. You said that you heard my whisper trough the wind. You flew away to bring my blooming petals back to me. You also said that you will keep my petals bloom and never leave me again. 

We walk across the place, leaved the tree which had give us the memory. 



Written by: itsmedeena

> These pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner<


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