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YOU WHO CHEER ME UP June 20, 2011

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“Really?! He will come to our event?” Lucy asked to her friend. “Yes luce, he will come as the invitation guess and he‘ll perform too” explained her friend.

“YES! Finally I can meet him” Lucy said it enthusiastic.

“You really like him Luce?, He’s weird and really arrogant” said her friend confusedly.

“No, he’s not. He is really nice. You will see later.” Lucy tried to make sure her friend.

“Yeah, whatever Luce” said her friend and go.

Lucy really excited about Adam Chandler who will perform at Lucy‘s company event. She has been his fan for years, since Adam made his first album. Maybe Lucy is not only admires him but Lucy loves him so much. Every friends who came to her house, they will find dozens of Adam CD’s. She often attends his concert alone because her friends don’t like her idol. For Lucy Adam likes her angel and she believes that he has a good side too.

In the meeting Lucy was chosen to take care of Adam because everybody knows that she adores him so much. Lucy took that responsibility as quick as thunder. In two weeks Lucy has to prepare about his needs and contact his manager as much as she can. Adam requires many things that makes Lucy has to work overtime but she did that happily. Her friends only look her amazingly but none of them offer help to her.

One week before the event, Adam’s manager asked Lucy to come to his office to get the song list and the CDs for his performance. It was her lucky day, she went to the office right away and she hopes she could meet Adam personally. Lucky her! Adam was there to have meeting with the manager and his team.

“Adam, this is Lucy from Enterprise Company the place you’ll perform next week” Mr. Paul introduced me to Adam.

“Hi!” said Adam coldly. “Hi, nice to meet you Adam” said Lucy with red face.

“Yeah” said Adam without looking at her. “Lucy will take care of you at the event so be nice to her, would you” added Mr. Paul to Adam

“Hmm..” answered him.

“Okay Lucy, you can join with us first before we give the CDs to you” said Mr. Paul

The meeting took half an hour to finish. She explained to them about the event and Adam’s part in it. Adam just stared at the paper when Lucy was talking and he didn’t give any question to her. Lucy didn’t disappoint with his attitude because she’s happy just met him.

After the meeting Mr. Paul didn’t give the CDs right away, they haven’t chosen the song because of Adam’s tight schedule. Lucky for her again, she will spend more time with Adam.

They heard the song in the studio and Lucy is allowed to join with them. It seems really hard to decide the perfect song because Adam’s mood is not good today. He complaints and comment to every opinion. His manager almost gives up with him but suddenly Lucy raises her hand.

“Why don’t you choose the butterfly’s love because it suitable for the event theme” said Lucy slowly.

“Hmm… I think that’s nice Adam” Mr. Paul helped her.

“Why do you think it will suitable?” asked Adam sharply to Lucy

“Besides I like the music so much, I like the lyrics because they can give the spirit to the listener” Lucy explained to him Everybody was laughing when they heard her explanation, even Adam smiled too.

“Okay, I agree with that song. Then can you tell me the next perfect song?” asked him excitedly

“Why did you ask me? I’m not the right person to do that” Lucy said it shameful.

“Because you seem know my songs better than the other” he played her

“No, I’m not” Lucy laughed with her red face.

“It’s okay, I want to hear from other people beside my team” he added.

“Mmm… Sorry Adam, I think I have to go now. I still have things to do”

Lucy walked herself out from the studio. She ran fast just to go out from that place. She didn’t expect that she will be played by Adam. She went home sadly because she just fooled herself in front other people but she also happy to meet Adam. She wanted to scream in the street but she’s afraid the police will arrest her.

The next morning, Lucy got call from Adam’s manager and asked her to come to the studio again. Adam wants her to accompany him to choose the song otherwise Adam won’t come to the event. Lucy cannot believe what just she heard, she really curse herself because of her obnoxious.  

In the afternoon Lucy walked hesitate to Adam’s studio, she doesn’t know what will happen to her. Adam already waited for her alone and asked her to sit beside him. She was afraid to approach him and she thinks what her friends said is true.

“Come here, I won’t bite you. I’m already full” he joked to her.

“Hmm… where are the others?” Lucy asked him.

“They have their own job, I don’t want to bother them” answered him

Yeah right, Lucy thought that he’s okay to bother her. Lucy just smiled bitterly to him and sits on the chair.

“I’ve prepared some song for you to hear, I know you have a good taste” said Adam Lucy had no choice except do what he asked for.

Just in 20 minutes, they’ve decided the right song to perform. Adam really satisfied about Lucy’s choices and he praise Lucy many times.

“Thanks for your help Luce!” thanked Adam.

“Don’t mention it! I like to help you” Lucy said with her red face.

While their talking, Adam phone was ringing. he excuses himself to have the call. Although Lucy couldn’t hear the conversation but she knew that he really upset. His expression made her scare and want to leave the place as soon as possible. Lucy couldn’t do that because Adam already finished his call and went back to the studio.

  “Sorry for that Lucy, it’s just unimportant call” explained him.

“It’s okay, I think I have to go now” said Lucy.

“Oh, yes. let me drive you back then” Adam said.

“No, you don’t have to! I can go by myself” Lucy rushed to the exit before Adam offered her again.

   Finally at home Lucy found out the reason that made Adam look so gloom. She watched a news about Adam on the TV. The news said that Adam had some troubles with the music label and now they will bring this to the court. Lucy realized that Adam really in big trouble.

At night, Lucy couldn’t sleep well. She was thinking about Adam’s case. She just moving around her bed and tried to close her eyes. She woke up from the bed and reach her phone.

“Sorry Mr. Paul to bother you this night” Lucy said to Mr. Paul

“It’s okay Luce, what’s going on?” he asked

“I’m curious about Adam, is he okay? because I saw he was up set this afternoon” Lucy explained to Mr. Paul

“I presume that you already knew about the news but I think he’s okay though he still mad” answered Mr. Paul

“I hope he can trough all of these. Mr. Paul, can I have his number?” Lucy asked shyly

“yes of course you can. may be you want to cheer him up. hahahaha” Mr. Paul laughed happily

After Lucy get the number, she tried to call Adam for several times but he never picked up the phone. She was worried about him so she decided to text him instead of calling.

“Hi Adam! it’s Lucy. Sorry to bother you this late. I just want to say, don’t give up and believe to your self that you can make it trough this rain. take care” 

Lucy’s heart beats hard after she send the text . She went to sleep with her thought full of Adam. He even appeared in her dream and Lucy just cry along it. 

In the morning Lucy got replied from her text to Adam. It made her jump from her bed and felt scared of it. She thought of Adam’s reaction about her message before. After 15 minutes thinking about it, finally she braved her self to read the text.

“Hi, Luce. Thanks for your support, that’s what I need now. I also believe that I can trough all of these.” Lucy really happy to read his words and replied him again to make sure he’s okay. “I relieved that you okay. Just be patient to face this and pray to find the way out. I pray for your goodness”

Start from the short message, Lucy and Adam became closer. Lucy liked to support him and Adam felt comfort with her words.

The day of the event was coming. Everything were set perfectly. Lucy prepared Adam’s need and she waited him in the dressing room. 

Adam came 30 minutes before the event start. He met Lucy at the room and they discuss what would they do one more time.

Adam performed nicely and he got many applauses from the audience. Lucy gave the big cheer to him and her tears won’t stop flowing.

 “You’re amazing!” Lucy said to Adam after his performance

“Thank you, but you seemed unhappy about this. I saw you cried along my songs” asked Adam

“Oh, Sorry. I didn’t mean it. I cried because I’m so happy to see you sing in front of me” Explained her

“Oh, I thought I was singing so bad that made you cry” he smiled

Lucy laughed to hear that and Adam followed her. They talked for the rest of the event. Many of Lucy’s friends asked Adam to take picture with them.

For Lucy, this day was wonderful because she could watch Adam being nice to all guests though he had his own problem. When they were alone and every body was busy with them self, Adam took Lucy at the corner of the hall.

“Thank you for every thing Luce” said Adam

“I didn’t do anything, what’s the thanks for?” asked Lucy

“Thank you for the support so I’m not thinking of the case so hard. Your words calm me and I believe that I’ll find the way out” said him again

“As a friend and as a big fan of you I should do that, that’s what friends are for” Lucy smiled to him

“Yeah, you right. You really kind to me despite the bad opinion from others, you still with me till the end” Adam said it wholeheartedly

Suddenly he hug Lucy and whisper her some words.

“Would you be at my side from now on?” said him softly trough her ear

Lucy was shocked to hear that, her heart wanted to jump and blush all over her face.

“What do you mean?” asked her nervously

“What I meant is, I want you to be in my heart forever. Do you mind?” Adam whispered her again

Lucy gazed for 5 minutes and she replied him.

“No, not at all…” she blushed again

They both laughed again and make people around them looked at them. Since that, they develop their relationship more seriously and always cheer up to each other.


These Pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner

Written by: itsmedeena  


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