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I Think It’s a Call June 17, 2011

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After I graduated from high school, I didn’t know where I should go next. My mom told me why I don’t try to take the educational program. I asked her why should I, and she gave me the unthinkable answer. She said “I saw you can get along with children and you can take care of them nicely”. Wow mom, I never thought about that before. Since that, I think what she’s saying is right so I agree to enroll the program. My mom made me as a teacher and until now I still teach.

I myself was surprised too that I still dealing with the educational world. Last year I tried to find another job besides teaching but I couldn’t find it. I think it’s a call for me that my world should in this place. Maybe God and Mommy knew that the right place for me is to be a teacher.

I could say now that I really like my job as a teacher. I love my loyalty to teach my students. I love when I can find their smiles like these in the morning.


Teach also can refresh your mood, you can play with the children during the break time or if you tired you can just watch their action.






Sometimes hard, sometimes easy to do this call but I believe if I do it from my deepest heart I can make it through the rain. I still have to learn more because teaching is not only take and give but teaching is also about love. Love can make you understand and learn more how to deal with the kids. That’s why I choose this path until God decides another one for me.


Pictures: itsmedeena

My love to all my students in the pictures


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