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You’ll Know Who You Are June 7, 2011

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Me in 10

“Come on mom! Please go home earlier today” I begged my mom on the phone to leave her office as soon as possible.

“I know Dee, be patient please!” told my mom to calm me down.

“Okay, I’ll wait you until you come” I said to her again.

“Okay honey, see you at home” she hung up the phone.

Who would patience to buy new uniforms for the new class? Mom and I used to go to the Mall to buy my needs. Yesterday, Mommy promised me to leave earlier to take me there.

In an hour Mommy arrived at home. She changed first then we straight to the mall. I really excited looking around at the book store. There’re so many choices to buy! The pink bag is really nice and I decided to buy it.

Finished at the book store, we continued to the uniform store. It’s not taking long time to choose my size because the store has many choices. We end our shopping at the shoe store, I have to buy the new one because my feet can fit anymore in my old shoes.

We went home happily, especially me. I took all my new things to my room and look one more time. I slept with a full smile and dreamt about them.



Me in 15

“What’s wrong with you Dee?” asked my mom angrily.

“What is it Mom?” I looked at her confusedly.

“You lied to me again! You said you were studying at your friend’s house but my friend saw you at the cinema with some guys” she shouted at me.

“I’m not lying mom, we went to the cinema after we’re finish with the home work. I also with some girl friends too.” I explained to her.

“Don’t give me excuses Dee! It’s not your first time you did this” Mom’s red face stared at me.

“I’m not giving excuses mom, I tell the truth to you” I said it louder to her.

“I cannot believe you anymore dee…” She walked to her room and left me alone.

It’s been one week we have cold war in the house, Mommy didn’t talk much with me. She just talked when it needed and I did the same like her.

I don’t like when she over protective to me. I can take care of myself, I’m a big girl already. When mommy will understand that.



Me in 18

I like this town! Wow… look at the view. Mountains are surrounding, the air is fresh, and the citizens are kind. I think I’m gonna stay for good in this place.

I laid my head on the pillow in my rent room. Yay, finally I’m free! No mommy who gives rules in my life. Slowly the air makes my eyes hard to be opened again. Now I fly to my dreamland.

“I don’t like this subject” I’m mumbling to myself.

“Me neither” My friend replied me.

“I think I’m gonna fail at the exam” hmmmm…. I sighed deeply.

“Good luck then, I have to meet my boyfriend now” said her and left me alone.

OMG, I just remember that I have appointment too. Fadly is waiting for me at the café. I run like hurricane because I already late for 30 minutes.

“Sorry Fadly, the lecture held us at the class” I lied to him.

“hmmm… it’s okay, I think you’re gonna hate him more because of that” he smiled and give me a chair to sit.

“Hahahahaha…. You’re right!” I sat beside him. We chatted until the sun set and he drove me back to my rent room.

“Have you called you mom?” he asked in front of the gate.

“mmm…. Not yet, maybe later” answered me unwillingly.

“Do it now, you know she misses you. Send my hi to her. Okay” he left after he said bye-bye

I didn’t call her until tomorrow…



Me in 23

SMS was coming in my mobile phone. It’s from mommy.

“Are you okay dee? What are you doing now honey? Please spare some times for me in this week end. I really want to see you. I miss you…” just a short text and I didn’t reply it immediately.

I wrote her back the next morning.

“I’m okay mom, how about you? Sorry I can’t this week end because I have to go to some place and I still have lot things to do. I’ll call you if I want to come to visit you. I miss you too, take care” another short message I sent too her.

In five minutes she text me back.

“It’s okay honey, take care of yourself too”

More minutes went by and another sms come to me.

“Sweet heart, can we meet at the usual café this afternoon?” a text from Fadly.

My fingers automatically type back to him.

“Yes sweet heart, I can. See you”



Me in 25

I just visited mommy in the hospital. She’s getting weak ever since her age. We just knew that she has lung cancer. She never told me about her disease until the doctor told us.

“Why you keep this from me mom? ” I asked her sadly.
“You always busy dee, I just want to spare much time with you” answered her.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean  to do that. You know that my job made me this ” explained me .

“That’s why I’m not telling you this. I don’t want be a burden for you.” she said it deeply.
“Mommy….. you’re not….” I said it in soft voice.

Mommy has to be hospitalized to make her better, the doctor said the only we can do is praying for her recovery.

I sacrifice my time to take care of her. I just realized that I’ve wasted my time to get long with her. For this long I just follow my selfishness.



Me in 30

It’s been 3 years mommy passed away. The cancer defeated her and let her gone for ever.

Now, I can feel what mommy feels how to raise a child. It’s really hard although you’ve tried the best. Mommy must know the best for me, that’s why she’s really strict with with before. 

For the rest of my life, I won’t let you down any more mom, not even to my family. Thank you.

“Mommyyyyyy…… help meeee…!!” my old daughter voice’s calling me.

“What’s going on honey?” I asked her.

“I can’t tied my shoe laces” she said sadly.

“Don’t give up, try again because I know you can” I told her again.

“I can’t” she still sad.

“Let me show you first and after that you try again” I showed her the way and finally she can do it by her self even though it’s not perfect enough.

I just want to teach her not to give up and always try hard like my mom always told me.

These pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner

written by: itsmedeena





















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