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Turkey or Not Turkey!? May 17, 2011

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Among the All countries in the world, I really want to visit this one. Though I still love my country Indonesia but THIS should be my next destination in my life.


Turkey is Eurasian country that located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It’s bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The official language is Turkish, whereas Kurdish and Zazaki language are spoken by Kurds and Zazas. (Source: Wikipedia)

There are four largest city in Turkey, they are:

1. Istanbul

2. Ankara

3. Izmir

4. Bursa

There are some places that I want to visit in Turkey

1. Blue Mosque

I just think that I’d like to do my prayer in this mosque after I arrive in Turkey. I don’t know the mosque’s name so I just call it blue mosque.

2. Istiklal Avenue

The avenue seems really interesting to be enjoyed. Maybe I could find the unique one from this country. hehehehe

3. Dolmahbace Palace

This palace was built in the Ottoman Empire. I like this photo because it has greenish color. 

4. Oludeniz Beach

Look at the white sand guys! the water gradation showed clearly from this picture. I wish I can do the scuba dive in this beautiful beach.

It’s not complete if you just visit the places without tasting the traditional dishes that serve in that place. Well I already make a list about some food I should try in Turkey.

1. Simit

 It’s a custom dish for breakfast in Turkey. We can eat this with cheese, eggs, tomatoes, olive, or honey. It looks like bagel but with sesame seeds spread all over it.

2. Ayran

It’s Turkish drink that made from yogurt and it reguraly eaten with rice or bread.

3. Pide

In my opinion it looks like pizza in Turkish version. you can put some minced meat, vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, or even eggs. Yummy…. I like it

4. Dolma and Sarma

This dish is using some vegetables as the wrapping, you can fill this with rice and spices. it usually served with yogurt and pepper powder with oil.

5. Kebab

I used to eat Turkish kebab in my country but I want to try the real kebab from it come from. 

6. Baklava

It makes me more hungry, it kind of dessert that made with walnut and pistachio. XD

7. Kadaif

Another dessert from Turkey, it has pistachio and walnut too inside but it made from shredded yufka. Yummy….

8. Lokum (Turkish delight)

perfect dish to close your journey in Turkey. some candies with many shapes and flavors.

Well guys, It’s my plan if I go to Turkey and I wish my dream will come true. How about your plan? do you have some places that you wanna go? 

(These pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owner)

Sources: Wikipedia


2 Responses to “Turkey or Not Turkey!?”

  1. Waw…Turkey is a beautiful country…but I want to visit Seoul!!!! somebody please take me thereeee…plase take me to yesunggg! LOLS XDDD

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