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Where is My Dreamland? May 6, 2011

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In the windy day,Mommy and I had a trip around the new city. As the new citizen of this city it’s the first thing you have to do, like mommy said. We just want to release our anxiety and left the messy things behind in the new house. It was fun, though the wind keep blowing our hair. what a foolish I was, left my cap in the house.

I kept holding tight to mommy while my head turning around to see the new place. In my opinion, this place much better than the last place I’ve lived. It had many trees along side the street and many people smile and greet each other on their way, like the old florist man who smiled at me when we passed his store.

The atmosphere gave us more energy to continue our trip. Mommy decided to go to the public market to buy some groceries. As a nice boy and I didn’t want to get lost either, it’s better if I obey her. Mommy went to the vegetables stall and busy with the price things.” OOO… what a boring scene” I thought. I just continued my exploration and suddenly some interesting things caught my eyes.

There were some children entered a big green pink building. They seemed really excited, it showed from their faces. In my childhood curiosity, I stretched my neck as long as I could just to see what they’re doing. Yet, I couldn’t see anything from my place. 

I still remember my promise that I would hold on mommy till the end of the trip but my curiosity was bigger than kept the promise. Mommy still busy with her questions to the stall man about the veggies and friends. “I’ll just take a look for awhile and came back here soon” I said it to myself.  without notification, I let go my hands from mommy and walked toward the green pink building. 

My heart beat fast when I reached the building. It had a big green door and it was guarded by two tall men. They wore colorful clothes and tall hats with feather on them. The guards looked happy when they saw me.

“Please child, come in and join with your friends in the joyful dreamland” welcomed them.

One of them dragged me in and one of them opened the door for me.

“Wwwait, I just want to see from the out side sir” explained me.

“Don’t be shy, you’re welcomed here and please enjoy this dreamland” one of them pushed me in while he answered me.

“But my mom is waiting for me” my voice was shaken. They just laughed and closed the door behind me.

I knocked the door and asked them to open the door again but it motionless.

“Huuuhh… I’m in trouble now!” my mind got wild.

I turned my back and stepped far from the door. My ears heard some noisy musical sound from the distance. I used my ears to lead my way and surprisingly I got excited with it. 

I stopped in front of the bushes and peep inside them. My mouth opened widely when I saw the scenery behind it. There was a giant (in my thought) amusement park  I’ve ever seen. My feet move freely without my permission, they seemed happy with this place.

Many children took some rides, some of them rode marry go round, some of them took the parish wheel, and some of them just played around the area.

“Are you new here?” a cheerful voice woke me up from dazzling.

“Yeeess…” answered me with unsure smile.

“Then, let’s enjoy this place! don’t just stand and drooling like that” replied that boy.

With reflect, my hand wiped the side of my mouth.

“Hahahahahaha…. you’re funny!” the boy laughed happily. “Come on, follow me” he pulled my hand.

We arrived at a marvelous place with beautiful background. Sweet and delicious smell flew around this place. Wow, a chocolate milk river flow calmly, cotton candy trees, lollipop flowers, popcorn volcano, and many interesting things.

“Do you like this place?” asked the boy.

I just nodded my head and tried not to drool again.

“If you want, you can eat them. many kids like to spent their times here.” explained the boy again.

“Is it okay if we eat this, no one will mad of us?” I asked.

“No rules in this place. Every body just busy with their own. Just mind yourself.” told the boy.

I felt like I was in alice in the wonderland or charlie and the chocolate factory movie. I still couldn’t believe with what I saw. The boy was enjoying the popcorn which pop out from the volcano. I picked up the cotton candy from the tree with hesitate and put it in my mouth. Then, I tried the gingerbread from the roof house near the cotton candy tree. 

My tummy was full, I’ve tried everything around this place. The boy smiled happily and his tummy must be full too. The effect from it, I get drowsy and want to lay down now.

“Let’s find some place to sleep!” the boy stepped out from the delicious place.

He guided me to the warm and soft place.

“What’s this place?” I asked confusedly.

“It’s a comfortable place to sleep. Please choose any place you want.” told the boy while he laid his body on the fluffy leaves bed under the maple tree.

As usual, I looked around again to find the perfect bed for me. I found it one, it’s near the willow tree and made from soft clouds. I just remember one thing that should I do before went to sleep.

“Shouldn’t we brush our teeth before sleep?” I asked the boy.

“No, you don’t have to! there’s no rules in here. It’s fun right! you can do what ever you want do.” laughed the boy. 

Yeah it’s really fun, no rules, just do what you like. I slept happily at that time with my full tummy and beautiful smile.  

The bird chippering woke me up. The boy was sitting on his bed and eating chocolate ice cream. He smiled at me and offering some of the ice cream. I refused it nicely because my tummy was still full.

I just want to make my bed when I heard the boy’s laugh and said “You’re such a nice boy!”.

“What’s going on? something wrong?” asked me confusedly. “I  already said, you don’t have to do that. Let’s play!”

He dragged me to the amusement park again.

“Let’s ride this roller coaster together!” asked the boy.

I was scared that the roller coaster was really high and  I didn’t want to do it.

I shook my head and mumbling “Noooooo…. it’s too high for me!.”

The boy shook his head too and said “Don’t such a baby! it’s not that high as you look! come on”.

“No thanks, you just go without me!”.

“No fun if I’m alone. Come on!” he pulled my hand hard.

I pulled back my hand and stared at him sharply “My mom said, it’s okay if you feel afraid and don’t want to do it. So don’t push me to do it!”

“Your mom knows no fun! why you have to listen to her?” shouted the boy.

“Don’t talk about my mommy like that, you don’t know her!” I replied hardly.

“Yeah I know her, because you reflect her! you are a mommy boy!” said the boy again.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked him.

“You always do what your mom order to you, like you have to brush your teeth, asked permission before doing anything, make your bed, and teach you as a coward boy too!”

“I’m not a coward boy as you thought! my mom did that because she knows the best for me. She did it because she loves me. I know sometimes she made me mad because I have to do what she asked but she taught me many good things and I love her so much!”

“It’s mean that you’ll choose your mom over this place which gave you many pleasures and no boundaries at all. You know that your mom won’t let you do anything you like!” explained the boy seriously.

My thought stronger than before and replied to the boy “Yes, I love my mommy over this place. It can’t give love like my mommy gave”

“It’s mean that I can’t force you anymore. It’s time for you to back from you come. Promise me that you’ll be a nice boy like your mom teaches you.” he brought me back to the big green door and waved good bye to me.

The green door open suddenly and showed the tall men outside.

“I hope you enjoy your time there young man! and don’t come back here again. listen to your mom and keep your promise!” smiled the tall men.

I waved to them and tried to find my mom back.

“Ronnnnyyyyyy……” from the distance I heard my mom voice calling out my name.

I approached the source and found my mommy looking around panicked. I ran after her and hug her tightly. 

“Thank God you’re okay. Where were you Ron?” she asked frustrated.

“I was looking around this area mom… sorry for making you so worry.” regret me.

“It’s okay, next time notice me if you want to go. deal?” she pat my head with love.

“Let’s go home and have dinner!” she hold my hand tightly.

We went home happily and end our trip today. I couldn’t tell my mom about my experience before. I just learnt from it and I’ll keep my promise to the boy.

“These pictures aren’t mine, so credit to the owners”

(Written by: itsmedeena)


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