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It’s not hurt anymore May 6, 2011

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Broke up with someone that you love will leave much pains in you heart. Like the dang dut music said that, “have a toothache is better than have a broken heart” hahahahaha…. too mellow I think. For me, just cry once after that open your heart to forgive for all mistakes. Never look back on the past but learn from the past. This is one short note I made after I broke up with someone….

>just for you<

Thinking through the journey about you who seems unfair, just pop up in my head that you just love my voice, you just love my vision, you just love my passion, n you just love my loyalty. But you don’t love me for what I am… It sounds unfair because I’m whole packages that cannot separated…. It’s okay n I understand what u’ve been thinking…. So sorry that I can’t give what u want… Cause I’ve learned one thing that love is not demanding but love is giving… If u think u can happy with all those things, I’ll pray for you…. Be a better man cause I know u can….. May Allah always be with you..

God creates many kind of men in this world, if  I couldn’t be with you… I still have many choices like:

“These pictures aren’t mine, credit to the owner”

Future husbands wannabe…… (If I could…^^v) huahahahahahaha… Above is Chun Jung Myung (Cinderella’s step sister) and below is Lee Philip (Secret garden). I like these Korean actors best beside the others.

I hope it still relates with the theme I’ve brought…. let me laugh one more time…. hahahahahaha


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