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Yummiest Green Meals I’ve Ever Had May 5, 2011

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Hi again! 

I’d like to share about the green meal I’ve ever had. For me it’s really nice and yummy… beside the taste, the color also made me want to eat them. hehehehehe

I’ll start with  the green tea things

I ate this at Gandaria city, among the other cheese cake I like it the best^^

I ate this at Gandaria City, among the other cheese cake I like it best^^

I use to buy this at Cimory store, the taste is yummy and not too sweet. good for your health and for your bones!!!

Once I got it from my friend and make me fell in love with it

Let’s move with the traditional dish I’ve ever tried

I used to eat this pisang ijo ice at my campus. When I brought this to my work place, all my co-workers love it

My mom often bought this bugis cake in the past

It’s called klepon and I still love when my sister make this

“These pictures are not mine, so credit to the owner”

All wrap guys! how about your yummiest list? ist it the same with me?


4 Responses to “Yummiest Green Meals I’ve Ever Had”

  1. indras agustin Says:

    Ok….Din… ate the cake with me right……next time buy me one, but I don’t want the green cake I want the double chocolate cake…..ok…ok…he ..he..maunya gratisan terus….

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